For International visitors

This section contains essential Tourist Information For International visitors either you’re travelling to the UK for the first time or you need additional information for yourself or someone you know. The UK is considered a safe country to travel by car, flight, coach or any other means. Nevertheless I believe it’s important to save some important phone numbers on your phone when travelling around just in case. Furthermore for any bespoke tours you want to do or for any insights you need about a specific point of interest, I can always give you some hints and advise depending on the city you are and your location. In case you need any additional information you can always send me an email to or call 020 363 786 01 and I am happy to help you about directions, transports, airports or general information about cities or places as well.

As a traveller myself, I always like to make sure that wherever I go, I am safe. So here it goes some important Emergency Phone numbers in the United Kingdom, you should keep it in your smartphone notes:

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